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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heading to London!

We are heading off to England to visit Ruth's girls. This will be Emma's first really big trip so we are all getting really excited. We will be staying downtown London for some of the time as well as the town Guilford. If it works out we may even take the train to Paris. I just love going to Europe, the ancient buildings and wonderful atmosphere makes me fell like I am coming home. Maybe I lived here in a past life. We are leaving on March 6th and coming home on the 23rd. The office will only be closed for the first week but back to regular appointments for the rest of the time.

Outside the Tate Modern, what a cool place this is, right off the Millennium Bridge.

Here is Covent Garden, tons of people and shopping.

Why this thing stays up is a mystery to me!

This is what you would call a fixer upper here in York. What a wonderful city to explore.
If you know any one that would like a family portrait we may be able to fit that in. I will be able to set up a contact in the UK for our future trips. How fun would that be, offices around the world! I will post so new images when I get back. All of these were from last Febuary's visit to South Africa and England. If I get the chance I will put a couple of favorites from South Africa soon.

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José said...


I'd really like to go to Africa.
I guess that things are really different there; the sunset, the thunderstorms, landscapes, everything.

Best regards,