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Saturday, March 24, 2007

West Coast Anyone!?

Still full of excitement from shooting a session of an adorable premature baby boy, we took to the beach for a west coast feel with this lovely couple. And west coast feel we certainly got. It was a wild afternoon but just perfect for the style that they were looking for. We got some great shots. One of the great things about this work is the variety we encounter in a day. From an innocent baby to a couple excited to be spending time together, our days are filled with moments that we are proud to be a part of.

Little Miracles

We had the awesome pleasure of photographing this little premature baby yesterday. What a miracle to be getting these amazing photographs of this little guy before his actual due date. These are beautiful. As you can tell, mom and dad are so proud.

"I'm a Bunny Rabbit"

This is one of those portraits that will get you. We have this one up in our front window at the office and it is definitely a crowd stopper! This little girl was just a sweety. So shy, the kind of little girl that just melts Jerry's heart. She whispers in a little voice, "I'm a bunny rabbit"
Posted by C.

I love the feel of this portrait. The rustic beauty of the boats and the bond between the father and his son. What a privilege we have to photograph relationships like this. And don't we live in a totally awesome place!?

Jerry's New Light!

Jerry is pretty excited about his new light! So, when his son stops into the office, it is straight to testing the new lighting. Have to say that he got some totally awesome shots of Zack. And that I'm glad that it wasn't me this time (: There are a few too many test shots of me that I'm going to have to delete. Great portrait Zack!
Posted by C.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Favorites from the Fall

Just had to share these little guys with you. I know that little boys wouldn't appreciate being called beautiful...but these images are just that! Beautiful!
posted by C.

Just a Bit More Fun..

Times Like These....

...are the best times to be caught by the camara! This image is one of my favorites.


There is nothing that needs to be said about this image. It entirely speaks for itself.

A Little Fun in the Studio

Some of these guys are just too much fun. It's always quite funny to hear the commotion and antics coming from Jerry as he works the camera to catch these images. Sorry Jerry...I have to say that he loves his job! When the day is done and the parents view the images, it's definitely all worth it!
posted by C.