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Friday, June 29, 2007

Boys will be boys...

You won't believe this. This morning Jerry was heading out for a portrait session with this little 3 year old. He hadn't decided where to shoot the session when he looked out our front windows to see road workers with trucks and machinery right in front of our studio. They just happen to be to be taking their 15 min break giving just enough of a window to photograph this little guy with the trucks. Could it have been any more perfect? He got some great stuff here. Enjoy!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pippa's portrait session in her home turned out beautifully. I find the lighting cheery and uplifting. Gorgeous portrait!

Posted by C.

Lovely Lady, Love Portrait

There is such class and elegance to this portrait. Very beautiful!

Moms and Their Babes..

More of the ladies from our Mother and Daughter Event 2007

Be sure not to miss the Tribute to Mothers and Daughters Portrait Exhibit at the Driftwood Mall this week. The exhibit will run until June 27th so invite your friends and family to check it out! Thank you to all the lovely ladies who took part in this years event.

Posted by C.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our Engagement!!

It was so fantastic to have Jerry photograph James and I for our engagement. We used the first image for our invitatons and were totally thrilled with them. A big "thank you" to Jerry for the great work that he did for us. I'll be sure to post wedding pictures in August.
posted by C.

You know those times....

...when someone is so cute that you just want to squish em?? This has to be one of those times.
These portraits are lovely with the rich color tones of the trees. A perfect setting and just the right place to be when the it clouds over and threatens to rain on your portrait session.

This little guy...

cracks me up! Just getting comfy there isn't he...
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Family Fun!

This panel seems to capture it all. Great portraits!

Looks like busy times for this family! Is this little guy adorable or what!?

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