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Friday, December 22, 2006

These guys flew in from England for the weekend and managed to fit in a family portrait session. It was awesome how it just worked out perfectly to get the family together. We were able to catch some really great moments in there session too. This one is really special.
It's always exciting to capture a moment like this one. It's a pretty awesome portrait.

Being a horse lover myself I just had to post this panel. Erin was a winner of a grad session and chose to include in this a super fun session with her horse. Gorgeous portraits. I love these!

Posted by C.

There is something amazing about this image. The light reflecting softly on the water as the sky opens up in the background. It's absolutely beautiful.

These families had the right idea including their old trucks in their family portraits. These are totally awesome!! You can see in the top panel that it was just starting to rain but still ideal for the shot.

Grad Portraits

We recently enjoyed photographing grads from the NIC Nursing Program. The portraits turned out fantastic. And so deserved after all the student's hard work . Congratulations to all the grads!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Despite some unpredictable weather conditions we've been taking some great shots. This portrait session at Goose Spit turned out totally awesome!