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Friday, October 31, 2008

Family time!

"What wonderful kids they are" is what Jerry had to say about this shoot! The teenage boy, he said is just so full of character - and he was pretty thrilled to get him to smile! Jerry even got the dog to look at the camera for the portrait!

You'll often notice a lot of our portraits that have animals in them - if you have a pet that is important to you, Jerry is great with animals and can often incorporate them perfectly!
This portrait is all about relationship! It isn't a close up, it isn't of their faces - but what is IS of is the special moments that they share together.

But they also did want the close ups - the beautiful faces of their family, and don't they look great.

When they came in to view, they wanted something a bit more artsy - and what great pieces to walk away with a panaramic portrait, of relationship - and a storyboard panel, showing off their personality!

Posted by K.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sisters are Forever!

This portrait really shows the tender moments of a big & little sister that are part of life right from the very biggining. The big sister so gently leans up to her new little sister. I also love the fact that mom is in the portrait just enough that to me it looks like she is encouraging the tender moments of the new sister relationship.

Studio portraits are great for lots of different looks, are especially great for new babies!

It's all about Family

This family portrait is done in Royston, where the family has lived forever. What a great place to have your family portrait taken, right where you've grown up, made memories, and spent a lot of time!
Our on locations portraits can be taken almost anywhere - so if there is a place that is important to you, let us know and we'll see about making that the perfect place for your portrait session!!

And now there is 2

First I'd like to introduce you to this preciuos little girl -- Jerry photographed her earlier this year for the Kids of the North Island Book (to be released in December). The hat she is wearing is her favorite engineers hat - she especially loves to wear it when travelling on the rails!

When the portrait was taken, her mom was just pregnant, and what a surprise it was when we got a phone call that baby Jack had arrived 3.5 months early - and was now home and doing great, and ready to have his portrait taken too! So finally I'd like you introduce you to Jack.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Front porch looking in!

What a great place you have your family portrait taken -- the front porch of your house! A home is a very important place to a family, so incorporating it in the portrait is a neat way to carry that on.

This is a great long portrait (panaramic shot) which are becoming more and more popluar!

Posted by K.

Growing up...

Jerry has had the opportunity to photograph these cuties since they were babies, and it is always a pleasure to see them again! The family came over from the mainland for the session, and these were taken at grandma & grandpa's farm. What a great place for kids to play!!

The storey board panel is a great way to share more than one image in one place... it truly does tell a little storey!

Posted by K.
This portrait session was done at Goose Spit, in Comox and it is just incredible!! Jerry came back after the shoot and just though so highly of these kids, and couldn't get over how cute they were, and how much fun they were to work with!

Outdoor portraits are a great way to include a special location in your portrait, be it your favorite beach, favorite trail, or favorite park!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When 2 are almost 3

This is such an incredible portrait portraying the strength of dad, with the soft gentle beauty of mom.

This session was done right here in our studio - and it turned out awesome!

Posted by: K

Years later...

It's always neat for Jerry when he gets to photograph families as they grow and change... and it is really neat when he has clients who he photographed when they were young, and now gets to photograph their family.

That's the case here -- Jerry photographed dad when he was younger, and now he got the awesome opportunity to photograph his family! How cool is that?
And, what precious moments in life... a new baby!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happily Ever After!

This is a long time client of Jerry's. He has had the opportunity to photograph the kids since they were babies... and was excited to photograph their wedding too!!
It is not often that Jerry photographs many weddings, but for this one he just couldn't pass it up!!
A favorite of ours is dad and the little guy on the bike! There is just something so special about it!!
It was a fabulous day, a beautiful bride and a happy family!
Congratulations to you!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The spark remains!!

Don't they look happy? It's because they are!! 50 years of happiness that is!!

Jerry photographed this sweet couple, and said it was so wonderful to see that after all these years, they still have that 'spark' that people so often speak of!

I think in all of these portraits you can really see it, don't you?

This storeyboard panel, is a great way to display more that one portrait from your session, and like it's name, it really does tell a bit of a story!

Posted by K.

Most recent...

Jerry has had the opportunity to photograph this family many times over the years, and for him that makes each 'new' time even more fun from the last!

This is the most recent portrait for them!! It was taken on a trail on the way to Goose Spit in Comox.

What a great portrait to have!!!

Posted by K.

Friday, October 10, 2008

All smiles!

This portrait was done here in the studio, and it is just fantastic! This is Grandma and her grandkids, what a great way to show off what you are most proud of!

The littlest guy on the far right, during the shoot always HAD to be with the boys, he just wanted to do what they did... how sweet.

A shoot like this which carries so much meaning for everyone involved is just a lot of fun, everyone was full of smiles and laughs!

Posted by K.