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Saturday, January 26, 2008

And when the weather is just too cold for the kids, we take to the studio for some family fun. It was great to design one of our new albums for the Bobby family. It looks fantastic!

It was our privilege to do a CD cover shoot for a local musical artist Mary Murphy. The colors against this white background are just stunning! Visit Mary's website at

And the winner of the worst portrait weather of the year award is.....The Manthey Family! They had it all - driving wind, heavy rain, and next to freezing temperatures! But you wouldn't know it looking at the portrait. They look awesome, great colors and rich tones. I love this look with the road in behind and the really cool fence.

Busy Times, Exciting Changes!!

Well we're in the midst of one of our busiest Januarys ever!! It has been a fantastic holiday season, we've fought through some of the worst portrait weather ever, and had real troopers to photograph. The end result has been awesome family portraits and we're so glad that we were able to just "get er done" (as Jerry would say) despite the obstacles of weather and busy family schedules. It has been a lot of work but so worth it when we see extended families taking advantage of their one opportunity to have a family portrait together. Its a privilege to create beautiful images of family memories.

As for the exciting changes....WE'RE MOVING! Yes, it's the time to upgrade to a much larger studio space! We've been shooting portraits like crazy and we've just run out of room. It is so exciting to be designing our ideal studio and work space. Jerry is beside himself with all the room in his new studio and Carolyn and I are pretty happy about MORE SPACE in our work more bumping and kicking things and people that shouldn't be bumped or kicked!

The new studio is located at 4655 Madrona Place, off the Lerwick Connector and Mission Rd.

The renovation is well underway and you will find us in our new location in the beginning of March 2008!

Enjoy these next few portraits. They're the crazy weather shoots we've been doing. From driving wind and rain to freezing temperatures....we've seen it all!

Friday, January 11, 2008

It's All About Kids!!

We're really excited about our next big photography adventure. It's all about kids and is a fantastic way to support sick children in our community. We'll have all the details soon. You won't want to miss this important opportunity! Enjoy the next few images of some of the great kids we've been photographing!

This panel is totally awesome. Meet Lauren, Logan, and of course their dog "Lucy"!!!

Speaking of precious! Here's a couple more treasures from the studio.

We just had to share these little ladies. They are so precious! I can't get enough of the hugging image. This is a pretty awesome keepsake for the two of them. Imagine 15 years down the road how valuable this will be to the girls and mom and dad.