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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heading to London!

We are heading off to England to visit Ruth's girls. This will be Emma's first really big trip so we are all getting really excited. We will be staying downtown London for some of the time as well as the town Guilford. If it works out we may even take the train to Paris. I just love going to Europe, the ancient buildings and wonderful atmosphere makes me fell like I am coming home. Maybe I lived here in a past life. We are leaving on March 6th and coming home on the 23rd. The office will only be closed for the first week but back to regular appointments for the rest of the time.

Outside the Tate Modern, what a cool place this is, right off the Millennium Bridge.

Here is Covent Garden, tons of people and shopping.

Why this thing stays up is a mystery to me!

This is what you would call a fixer upper here in York. What a wonderful city to explore.
If you know any one that would like a family portrait we may be able to fit that in. I will be able to set up a contact in the UK for our future trips. How fun would that be, offices around the world! I will post so new images when I get back. All of these were from last Febuary's visit to South Africa and England. If I get the chance I will put a couple of favorites from South Africa soon.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New home show displays

These are just two of our super cool looking display banners that I designed and printed in house. The dimensions are 39.25x83! We will have them on display at next months Home Show, March 26th to 28th at Comox Valley Sports Centre. We are also show our portraits at the Campbell River Show April 30th to May 2nd. We will also being using an LCD TV for your viewing pleasure. This will be one of the most visually pleasing display to date. Lots to see. If you have been planning to have family portraits in the next year make sure you pick up one of our Home Show Specials, such a good deal you have to call the Studio to get the details, 250-338-5666!
Over the years we have seen many displays at these shows and I hate to say it but many are less than impressive. We can make these banners for people that believe their business is worth the investment. From the photography to design and printing, we can help you to the next level in your company's image.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Studio portraits Courtenay

The very relaxed Mrs.J came in to the studio today for a special birthday portrait.
Her kids organized the session and we ended up have a great time playing with several different backgrounds and looks. One of the best parts of this work is meeting all the interesting people and sharing their life stories.

Thanks for sharing yours J!

As a side note as pointed out by Carolyn just now. This is the fastest portrait session to be posted to the blog. That is pretty funny, maybe there is hope for me yet:).

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Victoria childrens portraits!


We are opening an office in Victoria. Yes this is really great. I love Victoria, we go down every month or so just for a change of scene. The place is beautiful with all the cool old buildings in the downtown, not to mention the great food you can find. I found an office space and I'm just waiting to confirm the lease arrangements before I spill the beans on the downtown location. As you know the Help Fill a Dream Foundation is based out of Victoria. They asked me if I would be interested in producing a Kids book that would raise much needed funds for them on the south Island. After thinking for about 2 seconds I said yes!

Things are starting up now with the early promoting and registering of kids. We will start the sessions the beginning of April. I am also looking for someone to run the office on a part time basis. If you know somebody that loves people and children, living in Victoria let them know to contact our studio in Courtenay. More information to follow on this. Our Victoria phone number is 250-382-5666.

The web site is have a look and let us know what you think.

B+W portrait

Here are a couple of cool head shots I did with a real nice guy. It was a fun session and I like what we got, it neat to mix the mood a little. If you want to have head shots done for business or a portfolio give us a call.