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Thursday, January 21, 2010

More recent Comox Valley Portraits

Wow, these are the most post I have done in one day. I just wanted to show this beautiful family portrait to you. Van's Portraits are know for the look of our large family group portraits. It is a fun challenge to get this many people together and look great. I think it worked! I love knowing that some of these images will be traveling back to Japan! We have portraits all around the world, how cool is that.

I'll be back with more exciting things that are coming up this year.

Comox family portraits-Kye Bay

I photographed the Campbell family down at a very windy Kye Bay. It was the last session of 2009 and what a great way to end the year. The girls look great and nobody froze, always a good thing. Jay's mom and dad also came along and we capture a sweet one of the two to them.

It's great to include grandparents in your family session. If it weren't for them none of us would have been out at the beach, thanks! I am looking forward to going back to the beach again this year rain or shine.

Introducing Elysia...finally

A delayed introduction for you. Elysia has been with us for the past three months, where does the time go, and she has quickly become one of the team here. With here warm personality it feels like she has been here a lot longer. I am very lucky to have such a great staff here at Van's.

Their session was fast and very wet. Elysia, her husband Todd along with their puppy dog Lulu braved a heavy rain for the session. The umbrellas and rain coats were thrown aside and we worked fast! The colors just look great when things are wet, you just have to be fast and not wear any silk. The pokka dot effect looks odd.

Please don't hesitate to call if you would like to do a rain portrait, it is just about waiting for the weather lol.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This was a fun session with some very special kids, well young adults really. It has been great watching them grow up while hanging out with my kids as well as going to school. Thanks for letting my hang with you. We were down at good old Puntledge Park. It is a great place for portraits, it's different everytime with the change of water levels as well as the seasonal changes.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Campbell River portrait

I had a great time connecting with Donna for her families portrait. We went to school a few years ago, ok maybe a bunch of years, it was fun catching up! Getting to the beach was easy, just walk across the road and start having fun. These guys are great smilers which always makes things easy. We got super luck with the weather here as well, missed the rain by one day.

Here is a peak at what we got.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Where have we been!

OK, I am back. I haven't been here for a long time. It has been dozens and dozens of great portraits since we were last on here, sorry about that. It is about priorities and serving you our wonderful clients in person that comes first so the blog has been lonely.
There have been many changes here, a new person, Elysia, has started working here and is fitting in just great. Elysia is handling the promotions we do as well as networking with the many charities we help. If you need to raise funds at your event give her a call.

Making it through the last year was my goal and I did it. Time to move forward and continue growing both in my business as well as personally. I, Jerry, will be handling the blog from now on. Keltie was in charge before she left to go back to school. It is definitely better for me to share the stories of the many portraits we do here. I have many images to post and will endever to do so in the next weeks. Hang in there if you are still with us:). I sometimes wonder if there is anyone out there, please let me know you are and maybe that will ensure more posting, what a deal.
Ok time to get back to an image or two, then I must go till next week at least.
Here is a cool panel we put together from a session I had fun photographing down at Seal Bay.

The next is the cover of our latest Kids of the North Island book. It looks just great, if you would like to be part of the 2010 book project we are now accepting nomiations.